Solutions combining Operational Technology (OT) with Information Tehcnology (IT)

The Rockbox™ platform combines the full capabilities of both a PLC (Process Logic Controller) and a PC using relational database driven applications. This architecture provides the ultimate functionality and flexibility for developing standalone and fully integrated devices. Each type of Rockbox™ solution is unique and the form factor can consist of a PLC and an embedded PC in an enclosure, a PLC in an enclosure, or an embedded PC that is installed in an existing electrical cabinet of target control system.


IO™ was the original solution from 2006 to provide data collection for equipment without OPC compliant controllers. The first units were used for single Injection Molding Machines. Each machine requires a cyclical output and an optional auto/manual output to connect. Today there are four models to choose from between 16 24 Volt inputs to 128 24 Volt Inputs.


RIO™ connects to each machine via Remote IO Blocks to provide normal machine I/O data collection along with advanced data collection such as RFID, Barcodes, or other SMART Sensors for equipment without OPC compliant controllers. This option is for customers who want to use RFID for Tool identification or other advanced functionality not provided with Rockbox™ IO™.


Serial print server allows dynamic industrial label printing from a machine based event.

SPS™ supports up to 4 printers simultaneously.

Studio application allows for templates to be created for all applicable jobs.


Current Decay testing and historical software for critical checks for filament-based lighting.


CAN and LIN device communication/function testing

Custom applications can be created to test any CAN or LIN based device.

IO Trending

Trending and historical tool with graphical interface for analog/digital data points

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