Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp to Appear on Behind The Scenes with Laurence Fishburne

Selected to Participate in a TV Documentary Focusing on Businesses who have Retooled in the Wake of COVID-19

Behind the Scenes is an educational documentary-style television program which runs nationwide on Public Television, is broadcasted as commercial news breaks on CNN Headline News, CNBC, Fox Business, Learning Channel & Discovery Channel to name a few, and is distributed on the Internet via narrowcasting. Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. will be featured as companies who have aggressively adapted to combat COVID-19. Our new IntelliSCREEN product line will be featured showing how all the knowledge and experience previously used for providing Manufacturing Technology on the Shop floor is now being utilized to assist manufacturing companies and education institutions to comply with COVID-19 to help ensure a safe environment for employees. Shooting of video took place on 10/21/2020 at Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. headquarters in Huron, OH. Stay tuned for more information on when and where the TV premiere can be viewed.

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